‘Minecraft’ premieres level FREE for 10 years and this is all it brings


Minecraft is coming to his first 10 years and that is why people of Mojang is not skimping on content and memorials.

First not heard of that version Classic the game is now completely free and that you need to play it already have it (you explained in detail here), and we now know that there is a new level that pays tribute to the legacy of Minecraft.

Mojang allied with blockworks (collective of design that creates experiences, communities and environments of learning using Minecraft), to make a map of mass that covers the entire history of the successful game.

According to a chronicle of Kotaku, when you enter the map it appears a car of mine that it takes you on a journey through the updates more relevant Minecraftwhile text boxes appear to provide a context to the user.

After the introductory on the cart of mine, you get to an area surrounded by immense structures, in which each area is aimed at different aspects of Minecraftso that there is a museum in which is exhibited each block that exists in the game, accompanied by history and tips to use them.

That kind of “museums” and references are also available for the animals and enemies.

Since then could not miss the easter eggsthat’s the same address aspects of historical references macabre (as the character Herobrine).

Minecraft is now FREE and what you need to play it that’s it!

In a nutshell, the new map of Minecraft it is a celebration of interactive to a legacy of 10 yearsa digital museum in the that will hours, who have devoted their imagination and inventiveness to the possibilities that this game offers.

The map is available free at this time, for the versions of Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

*All images: Kotaku.


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