Minecraft: PS4 adds to the game crossover with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch


Microsoft has announced, in partnership with Mojang, the launch of the game crossed in the version of Minecraft for PlayStation 4. The patch, which arrive morning dto December 10, to the Sony console, to offer crossplay among the editions of Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. What had been an exclusive of the editions of Nintendo and Microsoft, now it happens to be also thing from Sony. Along with this update, the console Sony brand new the call version Bedrock.

Next to the crossplay to reach the Bedrock Edition to PS4

Ms all of the game crossfire, an aspect in which Microsoft has placed many efforts from years ago, Minecraft for PlayStation 4 brand new wing called version Bedrock Editionthat adds new skins, mini-games and packages are customizable. “Then, how is this different from the version of Minecraft that I can already play on my PS4?” The difference is that the version Bedrock of Minecraft is the version unified of the game that provides the same experience on all consoles,” explained Mojang on the official website.

“All that glorious code unified means that jugars the same game as your friends Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 and devices mobile! Then, s, that means that you get crossplay between these different consoles (once you’re running the update ms recent). Not only that, the players of PS4 now also have access to the Minecraft Marketplace, a source of worlds, masks, mini-games and packages of mix! As not only tendrs a better experience Minecraft than ever before, but ms Minecraft than ever”, highlighted the developers.

Along with the game crossfire, the players on PS4 now have access to the Minecraft Marketplace

“One of the core missions of Minecraft it is connecting gamers across devices and deliver the best experience regardless of the platform“type Helen Chiangthe head of the study Minecraft. “We are still completing that mission today as we welcome the players of PlayStation 4 to Minecraft Bedrock and growing our community multiplayer crossplay“, conclua the executive. However, we speak of the video game ms seen on YouTube during 2019, exceeding by much Fortnitesomething that demonstrates the strength of the title of the crafting and adventures.

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