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Molecats Update 1.0.8


Molecats is a tough indirect-control puzzle recreation that takes place from the quirky and delightful world of… Mole{cats!

Molecats Are type of cat-mole hybrids. They’re a bunch of gawky fellows who like mushrooms, marching, and experiences of all sort! Molecats spend their time digging into neighboring caves and amassing scrumptious’shrooms and glossy relics, sometimes getting misplaced within the course of.

Indirect Control through tiles. Rotate tiles to attach paths; apply particular Forces to tiles to create Molecats function, cease, or stroll in the other way.
Simple however onerous. Simple recreation mechanics in its base with little spins creating more difficult pathfinding puzzles.
Peace! Traps and creatures don’t kill, however make your life far more sophisticated.
“Nonfailure” gameplay model. You can’t truly lose this recreation, however for those who mess up, you will wind up going through much more puzzles.
Loads of Secrets! Each degree contains secondary Objectives, trophies, mysterious Unlockables, particular relic collections and hidden locations plus secret Amounts with distinctive recreation mechanics!

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