More is known about the reasons that led Mary-Kate Olsen to ask for the divorce of the banker Olivier Sarkozy


It is the american People magazine, which revealed this morning-the reasons that have prompted the actress Mary-Kate Olsen to ask for a divorce from her husband, Olivier Sarkozy. According to this source, close to the former star of the series “The house party”, Olivier Sarkozy “didn’t want a working woman”.

The French financier of 50 years would have loved to have a “wife in the home,” reveals a close friend of Olsen. According to this source, Olivier has “never understood” the passion for fashion of his wife.

“Mary-Kate has been working extremely hard and concentrates on his business. His work schedule is more disciplined”explains the confidant. Mary-Kate has founded with her twin sister Ashley brands of luxury clothing to “The Row”, “Elizabeth And James” as well as the lines more affordable “Olsenboye” and “StyleMint”.

“Mary-Kate is so passionate that this is the kind of person who never complains about working 12 hours a day. Olivier had never understood his drive and his passion. He would have loved to have a woman at home.”

But another topic of disagreement is, according to this source, came to put oil on the fire in recent months: the question of “thorny” to have children.

According to People magazine, several close friends of the star say: “A few years ago, having a baby was not a priority for [Mary-Kate]. This has changed.”

Sarkozy, who has two children already adults, Julien and Margot, he had with his ex-wife Charlotte Bernard, would not have wanted to start a family with Mary-Kate, then, that this dream would become a priority for the young woman.

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Mary-Kate Olsen has tried to apply for divorce to the French banker in April, but the court stated that it would not start such a procedure because of the pandemic of sars coronavirus.

During this time, UsWeekly reports that the couple is already living separately.


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