Mr Pokora ultra crazy his wife Christina Milian on Instagram!

M Pokora is still so addicted to Christina Milian! The singer made a new declaration of love to his sweetheart on the Web. And it’s adorable!

Between M Pokora and Christina Milian, it’s a matter that lasts! The handsome kid shared his love for his wife again on Instagram. And his beautiful statement made the fans crack! We’ll let you find out more in the article!

Mr. Pokora and Christina Milian have been in perfect love since they met in 2017. Indeed, the lovebirds did not leave after their first date in Saint Tropez 4 years ago.

The two stars have a very passionate history and can no longer be without each other. Mr. Pokora has decided to leave France to start a new life alongside his sweetheart. Affordable!

The singer the actress thus chain the projects to 2. Indeed, they welcomed their first child Isaiah in January 2020 after their marriage.

But that’s not all! Mr. Pokora and Christina Milian have decided to expand their family and are expecting a second child in a few months. The parents-to-be live on a small cloud!

The duo has been posting their happiness on the Web ever since the announcement of the happy event. And they do not hesitate to declare their love in the open!

Indeed, Mr. Pokora multiplies the statements for his wife! He just shared an adorable message for the mom-to-be. Enough to make the fans of the couple crack!


Mr. Pokora immersed himself in the old photos of his sweetheart. And the handsome kid couldn’t help but share it with his community!

Indeed, the singer posted a superb shot of Christina Milian in his story. The young woman appears on a photocall during an event.

The mother-to-be wears mats that give off her pretty face. She stares at the photographer’s and makes a pretty angelic smile. It’s hard not to crack!

Mr. Pokora fell in love with the cliché. And he doesn’t hide from it! Indeed, the It-boy decided to pay tribute to his wife in the photo to his 2 million subscribers. We love it!

No doubt, the artist is always so proud of his wife! And so are his subscribers! Christian Milian received thousands of compliments following his darling’s story. Incredible!

The parents-to-be were still unanimous with this beautiful proof of love. No doubt: they have not finished making the Web dream with their love story!

Ms. Pokora and Christina Milian often appear together on social media. Young parents love to share their daily lives with their community.

The duo plans to share the arrival of their baby with Internet users. A happy event eagerly awaited by the Web!

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