NBA – Dwyane Wade Does Not Recover From Luka Doncic’s Recent Performances


Author of a start of the season, Luka Doncic continues to impress. Lately, it was Dwyane Wade who was still struggling to realize the Slovenian level of play.

In the ranking of the players who impress the most this season, Luka Doncic is without a doubt on the podium. Already cited among the first favorites, at least candidates, as MVP, the Mavericks player turns heads.

It must be said that he has just completed an absolutely legendary November, offering himself a triple-double average over this period. In addition, the Mavericks are on a good dynamic of victories, which gives even more value to the monumental performances of the young Slovenian of Dallas.

Freshly retired, Dwyane Wade is a spectator, like all of us, this crazy season. And to hear him, he is still stunned by what Luka has just proposed in recent weeks. On his Twitter account, Flash remembers the time when rookies had to wisely wait their turn to shine. Now young thumbs take power as soon as they put a foot on the floor.

Ok… What’s going on in the league!? How did these young player get so damn good haha. Where are the old vets that takes all the shots and young players have to wait their turn haha Luka is 20 years old

The legend of the Heat says true. As soon as he arrived in Dallas last year, Luka Doncic immediately became the best player in this squad, and by far. This year, despite the reinforcement of Kristaps Porzingis, it is still the case – it is even stronger than last year.

In fact, we may be witnessing the birth of a new era. An era where stars are getting younger, more and more early. Luka is the perfect example. He is an MVP Trophy candidate after barely 8 months in the league, just 20 years old. We also think of Trae Young, incredibly important to the success of the Hawks, although the record of troops Lloyd Pierce is still largely insufficient.

Young people, very young, take power in the NBA, and it’s only just beginning.

While concluding a historic month of November with a peak of 42 points, 9 rebounds, and 11 assists at 12/24 shooting last night against the Suns, Luka enters the final month of the calendar year with serenity. We, we approach it with excitement. Can he do even better than what he has just offered?

Comfortably (already) installed in the elite of the NBA, the Wonder Boy will try to continue his superb performance with a specific objective in the line of sight: qualifying in the playoffs for his Mavericks, his first in a personal capacity.

Sparkling, not to say divine, the nugget of the Mavericks puts everyone’s eyes full. Even Dwyane Wade has to pinch himself to believe it. This world belongs to Luka Doncic, we only live in it.




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