neckline XXL and the body of a leopard… his story, which raises the temperature


The containment is going pretty well for Aya Nakamura. On the 20th of march, when the measures of confinement were hardly to be taken by the government, the pretty singer shared in story, snapshots of his daily life. Secluded in delightful company in a beautiful house surrounded by greenery and visibly away from the hustle and bustle of paris, Aya Nakamura had turned up the temperature in light clothing. Proud to have been able to confine in a beautiful location with pool and comfort, the interpreter of “Djadja” said : “Very well confined to my part” on Instagram.

Failing to perform on the stage of Coachella (the festival was postponed in the month of October), the singer has apparently decided to bring a little comfort to his fans the most loyal. This Saturday, April 11, 2020, the bomb of 24 years did the show in the story on Instagram.

Aya Nakamura sensual on Instagram
The young mother has published a series of videos on which it appears to be molded in a body of a leopard. An outfit is very sexy, leaving little to the imagination… with nice view on her impressive cleavage. The following videos show then Aya Nakamura posing alongside a friend. The two young women then begin to dance with joy on a furious rhythm.

If Aya Nakamura does not seem to affected by the measures related to the containment, this is not the case for everyone. This Saturday, April 11, at the same time on Instagram, the beautiful Iris Mittenaere literally collapsed in front of the camera. The former beauty queen has indeed got a big shot of blues to its subscribers…

Appointment just above to find all the sexy pictures of Aya Nakamura !

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