Netflix : our selection of what to see in July 2020


They may have officially reopened this month, the dark rooms are still a little shy in their programming. The fault in particular to the blockbusters that have seen their release date pushed back far, far away after the summer. Fortunately, Netflix is always there to offer beautiful new. Here is our selection of films, series or documentaries that landed in the month of July on the platform !

10/07 : The Old Guard

You have been told about the last month on SFR News. Because a film with Charlize Theron, already, it draws our attention. Because a film with Charlize Theron on Netflix, then, it stirs up all the more our curiosity. And because a film with Charlize Theron, on Netflix, which turns out to be the adaptation of a very good comics… well, it simply feels the event !

Actress oscar winner here embodies Andy, an immortal at the head of a group of mercenaries that work for centuries in the shadow to protect mankind. While she welcomes a new rookie, the last “born” of their species eternal, the heroine of The Old Guard must face the greatest threat of its existence, when its amazing healing powers are revealed at the great day. Will she be able to save his people ? Answer the 10 July, exclusively on Netflix.

14/07 : It is all

May be have you ever heard of Stéphane De Freitas ? Him that in 2017, co-directed, with a certain Ladj Ly, the documentary has been acclaimed by the critics In a loud voice : the Power of The word, which followed the students of the University of Saint-Denis in their participation in the competition for the “best speaker of the 93”. The following year, he went off to adventure with Matthieu Chedid and the other members of the collective Lamomali, realizing for them the clip Solidarity. And it is from here that is born this new project.

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It was an opportunity to extend a message of help, powerful. I wanted that the principle of this clip makes it possible to encounter activists in the four corners of the world, and to discover their fighting solidarity“, says the director in It is set. His second documentary, for which Stéphane De Freitas is a party to meet men and women all around the globe who are speaking out through art, in all its forms, to denounce the violence, whatever they are. For the broadcast, Netflix has chosen the date of the national Holiday. History give meaning to the motto “Liberty, equality, fraternity”.

17/07 : Cursed : The Rebel season 1

You have known in the role of Hannah Baker, who scored the first seasons of 13 Reasons Why. See the results in a new shock series — albeit in a completely different genre — signed Netflix : Katherine Langford, his real name, is back on the platform as the heroine of Cursed ! This is again an adaptation of a graphic novel this time, created by the famous cartoonist Frank Miller and screenwriter Tom Wheeler.

In this reinterpretation of the legend of King Arthur, the young actress embodies the one here called Nimue, before she became the Lady of the Lake. “Rebel”, as is the sub-title of the series, she is above all endowed with mysterious powers that she must learn to master as she leaves in a quest, alongside a mercenary named Arthur, the famous sword… And if, instead of choosing “one true king“as legend has it, it chose instead of a queen ? Check out what it is from the 17 July on Netflix !

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21/07 : How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast), season 2

It is off for a ride ! The series of germany, which follows two high school students in their small business of sale of drugs online — it is inspired from real facts, mind you- was a resounding success among subscribers to Netflix last year. And if, for Moritz, the adventure had sadly started with a break (this is what had led to want to become a better dealer than the new boyfriend of his ex), it continues today with a success story !

His business of course, MyDrugs, who has passed the bar of one million euros of revenues, and which arouses the interest of the investors. Not to mention that the ado awkward himself became a true star (although anonymous) in the eyes of his school friends. Then he tries even with its partners of the shock to enlarge the team, we can say that everything is for the better in this second season. Yes, good, a few small worries about… Dive back into the addictive How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) from the 21 of July on the streaming platform !

31/07 : Umbrella Academy, season 2

You had announced last month, and it only remains for you now much longer to wait : Umbrella Academy returns with its season 2 awaited at the end of the month of July. Still a good month of the fateful date, the mystery remains, however, still a whole about what happens to the super-hero like no other in these coming episodes…

One thing is for sure, it is that the cast, led especially by Ellen Page is back in full. Thus, while the previous season ended on a hell of a cliffhangerattention, spoiler : the family had to go back in time to escape the apocalypse, leaving us on an image of the Umbrella Academy teenager — everything should logically go back (almost) to normal, or, in any case, the heroes should at least return to their adult form at the beginning of the second season… a story to follow, July 31, on Netflix !

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It makes you want ? And yet, this is not all : we’ll let you discover below is the schedule of all the outputs Netflix in the month of July, knowing that the famous platform is also never short of surprises… To subscribe, if this is not already done, it is quite simple. Go directly to your box SFR !

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