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The platform has recorded a number of downloads record these last few months. Adults and advertisers have joined the network of adolescents.

The period of confinement would have allowed the application of chinese TikTok passed the milestone of 2 billion downloads on Android and iOS.

The period of confinement would have allowed the application of chinese TikTok passed the milestone of 2 billion downloads on Android and iOS.

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It is the social network a must for a lot of confined or diceconfined. The application for the creation of short music videos, TikTok, which belongs to the chinese giant ByteDance, was previously taken over by the tweens and teens. But since the pandemic of Covid, which has resulted in confinement in the home of several billion people, his public s’is expanded. It has, indeed, been to fight the boredom with the means of the board and the phone was one of the preferred options. Csome social networks such as Instagram, but mostly TikTok, have fired their pin of the game during this quarantine.

If theaccording to the company traffic analysis Sensor Towerthis period has enabled TikTok passed the milestone of 2 billion downloads on Android and iOS. Itwill have had five months to TikTok to spend 1.5 to 2 billion downloads (Below, the number of downloads of TikTok by quarter).

Record downloads

On TikTok, one reproduces the choreographysit creates small videos playback on songs or sound clips known, one tries to challenges various. And if we do not participate, we look at others do and we like. The qualities of the social network: the humor, the music, the virality and a spontaneous side and relaxed which contrasts with the aspect (too) licked from Instagram and to the idealization of a daily newspaper, which, in confinement, is precisely difficult to idéalisable.

The “old” and the stars are

Many adults (and even parents and grand-parents of ticktokeurs) have recently landed on TikTok and have attempted to reproduce the multitude of challenges emergingnt each week, among which the #stayathomechallengethe #pillowchallenge or even the #ohnananachallenge, who have experienced a lot of success.

The platform creates its own celebritiesas Loren Gray or Leah Elui, but now attracts also stars such as Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez or Christina Milian who post choreography with his daughter.

Influencers who have done a name on the other platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc) try not to to lose the thread and also, now, an account on the music network. For proof, the youtubeuse beauty French Sananas that has shared its version of the viral #dontrushchallenge with his friends, influencers. The principle: they go to look scruffy jogging bottoms-dark circles-hair without cutting to a superb outfit and a maquillage sophisticated.

The arrival on TikTok influencers is not disinterested. They can keep contact with the targets mostly young people, and getting paid by brands to promote products. Electronic Arts has, for example, took advantage of the pandemic to start the hashtag #JouerAvecLaVie, in order to encourage users to install the Sims 4 in the confinement period. Sponsored, Leah Elui, which totals $ 11.5 million subscribers, has shared its looks as “the Sims” in a video likée more than 625’000 times.

Pillar in the Disney president and CEO of TikTok

Adults désintéresseront of the application once the containment far behind them? TikTok will run away-t-he of the humorous aspect to becoming a platform used to also address social issues seriously? The beginning of may, young women have been denounced, via short videos on the platform, sexual assault experienced. They showed the clothes that they wore the day they are raped or assaulted. Victims of bullying have also testified.

What is certain, is that Kevin Mayer believes in the potential of the application. The part of Disney, and the father of the streaming platform, Disney+ did not hesitate to resign from his post (editor’s note: after failing to become the president and ceo of Disney) to take the head of TikTok. The news came on may 18 and it will come in post 1er June of this year. Among its many missions, the U.s. will have the daunting task of trying to burnish the image of the chinese company, bogged down in a controversy that swells on the subject of the personal data of its users, particularly minors.

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