New video shocking, it’s violent lynching on the part of their fans!


Celebrities do not lack anything to distract us every week, if not every day. This time it is Céline Dion’s a new video that circulated on the Internet, and unworthy of the fans for a couple of days.

In fact, she would have deliberately ignored a fan who was singing one of his songs. If you want to learn more about this event, you are in the right place.

The Description of the video

Celine Dion is currently touring “courage “ in the united States. It is a great hotel of New York that she was discovered by the fans when she entered the car. In a blink of an eye, she was surrounded by the latter, who wanted to see their artist. It was there that a young woman really a fan of Celine Dion wanted to make a tribute by singing one of his songs. Amazingly, the beautiful singer would have up his cup without giving a little attention to this young woman.

This behavior struck the sensitivity of all the fans of Celine Dion in the world. Only, it is not easy to take for true this state of things, when you know the personality of Céline Dion. It was said that he could not behave that way because it has never failed against their fans. The fact that this information is disseminated in the mass in the social networks does not result in the unanimity rule in the hearts of the fans of the singer with the golden voice. Reason why the theory of the assembly remains plausible and even indisputable. For the cause, the young woman in question had posted the original video on the web. A video that has attracted the admiration and appreciation of the diverse vis-à-vis Céline Dion.

The truth about this meeting : original video

The facts of this case must be returned before you run out of the reactions following this video in the page of the young woman.

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The facts as they are in reality

The young man in question is Freida Solomun. Is part of fans historic of Celine Dion and the love of the songs of this last. She grew up to the rhythm of the penetrating voice of the artist who she considers as her role model. What could be more perfect than to comply with your model out of a hotel ?

Celine Dion always gives respect to his fans and admirers. Have not been able to meet this young woman of joy. The young fan decided to take this opportunity to pay tribute to Celine Dion singing one of his songs (Delivery). The driver decided to leave before the end of the interpretation. Celine Dion asked her to wait.

She has heard the entirety of the interpretation that he was his fan. The original video and full watch Celine Dion blown away by the majestic voice of the fan. She was praised for this action in him of the hand. Then, the length of a standing ovation before you leave the driver to start the car back on the road. You can even see an exchange of words and of phrases full of respect and admiration between Celine Dion and Freida Solomon.

The Fan has not stopped to point out to Celine Dion this what that represented for him. She is very lucky to have heard her songs and she is a source of inspiration to him. It is so that the Fan finally share the video of his strange encounter with his idol.

The reactions of admiration and respect from all the video.

The original version of the video is very appreciated by the followers of the young woman, which emit diverse opinions :

  • In the value of Céline despite the presence of the COVID-19

This reaction is very illustrative in this sense : “In situations of crisis in all the coronaviruses, the generosity of Celine Dion urged him to check with Freida “.

Referred to in this sentence, the singer has addressed his fans : “be blessed and thank you “. This has led to the consideration and the respect of the fans in comparison with Celine Dion.

  • In the respect that it deserves

Several comments from the fans go in this direction. ” It is for that I have a great respect for Celine Dion, a legend, an icon and a voice of gold, accessible, and enjoyable “ or even” Celine Dion is a queen of it is what looks like the class “.


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