Nicole Kidman’s daughters have seen their emotional stability affected

12-year-old Sunday Rose and 9-year-old Faith Margaret have had a difficult time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nicole Kidman spoke about how the coronavirus lockdown affected the emotional stability of her daughters Sunday Rose, 12, and Faith Margaret, 9, from her marriage to Keith Urban.

The 53-year-old actress told English magazine Glamor that the pandemic has been “very difficult” for girls, as well as many around the world.

Although the two girls were already used to studying online because of their parents’ career, they have friends and had to be socially distant from them and also from their relatives, which caused a lot of conflicts.

“Our daughters are used to having to study online, but social distance has been very difficult for them. They are dealing with their emotions, ”explains Nicole.

“For a 12-year-old girl, not being able to be with her friends easily… this is something all parents are going through. And then, there is a 9-year-old girl who is developing socially, and it is the hardest thing for me to see them longing for and longing to be with their friends ”, he commented.

But Nicole, who also has two adult children, Connor, 25, and Isabella, 27, with ex-husband Tom Cruise, said that at least the daughters were able to spend time with their sister Antonia and three of their younger cousins since they are all spending a season at the actress’s home while Nicole filmed ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ in Australia.

“Keith had to go back [to Nashville] to release his album. So my sister moved in with me to help me while I was filming, and we have three of her youngest children – she has six children – living with us. It’s fun, ”he justifies.

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