Nintendo Switch Online: Pop’n Twinbee is among the games for NES and SNES of February


Pop’n Twinbee is among the new Nintendo Switch Online games for NES and SNES of February 2020. Here is all the news.

The NES and SNES catalog on Nintendo Switch Online in February 2020 expands with four other proposals. Among these, the amusing vertical scrolling shooter by Konami Pop’N TwinBee stands out.

Like every month, Nintendo Switch Online, Nintendo’s paid online service, offers free games. If PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold focus on games of the current generation of consoles (or at most remastered as the PlayStation Plus did with BioShock: The Collection ) Nintendo Online updates the NES and SNES apps with new, old masterpieces.

A godsend for retrogaming lovers.

In February the SNES app updates with Pop’n Twinbee and Smash Tennis. The first is a vertical scrolling shooter released in 1993 by Konami, while Smash Tennis is a fast-paced arcade based on the sport of the same name. For the first time, the two games arrive in the USA. In Japan, however, Nintendo released Breath of Fire II instead of Smash Tennis. Lucky.

The NES catalog expands with Shadow of the Ninja, a platform featuring two 1990 ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel. The games will be available on Nintendo’s online service starting February 19.

Here is the complete list :

  • SNES – Pop’n Twinbee
  • SNES – Smash Tennis
  • NES – Shadow of the Ninja
  • NES – Eliminator Boat Duel
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