Reportedly, Facebook would have canceled the plans for advertising on Whatsapp. To report the news, colleagues from XDA, according to which the social network of Mark Zuckerberg would have retraced its steps and would no longer intend to sell advertisements on Whatsapp.

Sources close to the social network have confirmed that Facebook has dissolved the team that worked on the optimization of advertisements on Whatsapp, and the code strings already inserted in some versions of the application would have already been removed, a sign that the decision is now final.

The reasons why the Menlo Park company decided to cancel the development of the function, which had also been strongly criticized by the co-founder Brian Acton, who resigned to Facebook after the strong disagreements with Facebook on the monetization of Whatsapp, are not clear.

The company apparently still intends to introduce advertisements in the Stat I, but for now, the attention would have shifted to the revenue generated by Whatsapp Business, a particularly useful function and used by companies to communicate with customers on the platform. Whatsapp tools allow businesses to record orders and automatically answer user questions, as well as send in-app product catalogs. This could, therefore, lead to an increase in revenue, which makes the sale of advertising space practically useless.

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