“Nolan is never locked in his world”


Marion Cotillard:

Source : Premiere.fr

13/07/2020 09:40

That’s ten years, almost to the day, outside of your Home. Marion Cotillard was trusting in his first collaboration with Christopher Nolan. Flashback.

Before working with Christopher Nolan, what a look of viewer had you in it ?
Marion Cotillard :
Your work fascinates me, although I don’t understand all of that. Its uniqueness is such that I let it carry me all the time. For example, a big fan of Tim Burton and his BatmanI was a priori impossible to appreciate a Batman directed by another than himself. But the Batman Begins Christopher was literally bluffĂ©e ! Because it transcends the superhero movie : follows the myth, while capturing the style. This perfectly sums up what cinema is for me.

How was your first meeting to Start ?
It took place in Paris. I knew absolutely nothing of the film. On this day, he just gave me indicated that my character, Evil, involving multiple facets and played a vital role in the life of the man Leonardo DiCaprio. But he did not want to enter into details which would allow me to discover the movie in losant scenario that he gave me at the end of the appointment. And he was right: Start it is not a film that tells the story because everyone will have a different interpretation. It was after this appointment to talk about… our night time dreams, important topic ofStart. However, that mysterious and impalpable that fascinates me. I spoke with Christopher the fact that I was trying to control when I found myself in a dangerous situation… makes me always sad to meet people who do not remember ever to their dreams. For me, it’s the opposite. Even I dream the same thing every night for four months. Made Me crazy and insomniac to the force to try by all means not to fall back into the same nightmare.

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It may seem strange to speak of things as intimate as his dreams, and a first appointment with an “unknown”…
I have to totally ! (laughter) But my shyness causes me, of course, a sensitivity of particular communication with certain people, of which Christopher is a part. Exchange on this issue raises, however, a strange feeling, because it tells us something very intimate and very detached from himself. You can learn a lot about a person by knowing his night dreams… but you can also easily encode the tracks !

Once definitely chosen to embody the Evil, how have you built your character ?
I began to discuss with Christopher in what seemed to me not very clear in this story. In fact, we have begun to work on an unedited version of the stage. However, as the participation in a lot of different directions, it creates a lot of interpretations. It was therefore necessary that there is agreement on one, common, to, all, the same movie. This discussion is very simple, since Christopher is both accessible and accurate in your answers. That is not enclosed in your own world. This preparatory stage was essential.

And if only there was an image to remember from this shoot, what would it be ?
Playing on the green background makes me uneasy and makes me doubt. But as I knew that I could trust to Christopher, I have been able to surrender to his vision. It was especially eye-catching in that day that he decided to add more scenes in the morning. We went out of our preparatory work, I no longer had all the keys to understand that, but I just had to follow. Despite the moments of panic that can inspire in me, I do not like anything sent by someone located in a universe far away from mine.


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