Olga Kurylenko: “you can’t be happy if you don’t have love”


The actress, Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko, known for her role as Bond girl in “Quantum of Solace”, he confessed in the presentation of his new movie, “The room”, in the last Sitges Film Festival, which starts a new stage in which it is falling of the trinkets accumulated.

Starring along with Kevin Janssens of the last proposal film director and painter Christian Volckman, spoke of it in these terms, because in the film brings to life a woman who at her husband’s side is installed in a new house in which there is a secret room where it materializes all that one wants, from a million dollars to a box of Van Gogh’s authentic.

Kurylenko, who in his career worked with Terrence Malick or was it couple of Tom Cruise in “Oblivion”, states that he has begun a new stage of their life in which “the more things throw, the more free and light I feel, how much more I get rid the happier I feel”.

Unlike what happens in the movie, “where we have a room that does no more than create things, I in my house, where I’ve recently started to follow the method Marie Kondo, I’ve created a room where you shot things, it is a disaster of a place. And now I want to delete objects from clothing or jewelry, and keep only the basic things”.

Asked what it would take if you had the opportunity to make a wish intangible, pointed out that, in reality, would be three things: “I Want to be happy, be healthy and have love, because I am the who think that you cannot be happy if you don’t have love or you are healthy”.

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To his side, the director Christian Volckman, also scriptwriter of the film, showed their agreement, although it also makes it clear that “I am aware that all that I desire, at one time or another in life is going to end”.

Precisely, indicated that with the movie wanted to “explore, once more, how they work, our mind, our desires, and how we do not put limits to these wishes, although there are, and must find a balance.”

He argued that if today an alien from outer space came to a supermarket and see, for example, “all brands of yogurt that are shown there would appear to be unlikely, although it is true that is not the same as what happens in the first world in the third world”.

“I wanted to show a couple within your house, normal people, and delve into their minds and their deepest desires, which appear thanks to that room that grants your wishes, but you must be careful with which one you want because you can make reality and everything has a price. We are creating monsters because we want it all and quickly”, apostilló.

On the other hand, wanted to pay a tribute to an inventor like Nikola Tesla and does not rule out that there are more films related to the presenting now, on to explore other rooms of the house that has filmed in “The room”.

Asked Olga Kurylenko about her experience as a Bond girl, she stressed that it was “very good”, almost at the beginning of his career, and brought a “lot of knowledge”, while “international visibility”, because he had begun to make films in France, country where he was to live with just sixteen years old, but then was able to work in other countries.

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In his view, to participate in that film was “an excellent opportunity that opened me doors to the international level, while it is true that I have not wanted to pigeonhole it, because I like to work in all kinds of movies”.


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