On Christmas day, Kanye West slams a new album : “Jesus is Born”


Kanye West, clip of “Closed on Sunday”


26/12/19 11: 40 am

It is his second album in two months since Jesus is King.

On the 25th of October came the huge Jesus is Kinglast drive of Kanye West’s dealing with, essentially, one will have guessed, of his christian faith. Exactly two months later, on the 25th of December, is released Jesus is Born. Saw the title of this album, the release date is obviously far from a coincidence. Clever, Kanye.

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Between different representations performing with his gospel group the Sunday Service, two operas, Nebuchadnezzar and Mary, as well as simple interviews, Kanye West has confirmed, affirmed, proclaimed, his love for Christ and his unshakable faith in it from many different ways. Jesus is born no exception to the rule, proposing a new content : on this disk, you will not hear the voice of the rapper.

Always in absolute simplicity, Kanye has posted the cover art on his Twitter account :

It is, indeed, an album from Ye, but it is not the interpreter. As the cover indicates, it is only the Sunday Service, which delivers 19 titles of gospel music. No offense to the fans who were expecting a little more rap, there’s nothing like gospel music to celebrate the birth of Christ… still a risk for Kanye !

The album is available on all platforms of streaming.

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