Pajamas party! Kim Kardashian enjoys with her friends

Socialite Kim Kardashian shared for her followers a photo in which she appears according to her description at a sleepover.

This publication was made five hours ago, in which Kim and Kourtney Kardashian appear along with 7 other beautiful women, surely they are friends of the entrepreneur or hired models.

According to her description, she claimed that it was a party so the most logical thing is that the girls featured in the photo are also friends, however, it could have been that it was just to get attention.

In the publication Kim Kardashian is promoting her new line of pajamas, this is not the first time that the beautiful celebrity of social networks and the show share this type of advertising, but as time goes on she herself is surpassing the quality of her products.

The same was stated in another publication where she presented more content, although she always mentions that the newest is the best, it seems that she herself is operating as she launches new products.

The new garments it will release will be several models, four in total and also in four colors as can be seen in the image will be most flirtatious and revealing, just to have entertaining nights or also with some romanticism.

On this occasion, Kim Kardashian seemed not to be the protagonist of the snapshot but a balance was sought between all the pieces, but it was part of the models that appeared in the photo, each is in a different position, her sister Kourtney is standing almost to the center of the image, next to it appear three models standing.

To surprise a lot the garments will have sizes from the ultra girl to the extra-large in 4x, something that has been characterized by the entrepreneur is that she throws varied sizes and does not concentrate only on thin women, that is a big point in her favor.

These pajamas will be released on Tuesday, March 23 at 9:00 a.m. In the Pacific, if you want to purchase these garments you can apply for the waiting list and be among the first to have them as you have with the other garments you have thrown.

Some of its 211 million followers will be pending the launch prepared to acquire this new collection of the socialite of the United States of America.

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