Paris Jackson : the daughter of Michael Jackson is going to play the role of Jesus in a new movie


Paris Jackson, the daughter of Michael Jackson, continues his adventure in the world of cinema with a role intriguing of Jesus in the ” Habit “.

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The executive producer Cassian Elwes, who has led organizations such as the Dallas Buyers Club and Lawless, announced the news on Twitter. He shared a tweet by Screen Daily, which confirms the role of Paris Jackson in the film, saying: “@ParisJackson has been great in the movie.”

“The habit, this movie is sacrilegious, mocking christianity and mocking of people of faith. Elevation Films is the representative of the u.s. rights in the project. Elevation of Films is, obviously, you have gone too far. The company never, in a million years, a film that defames the prophet in the same way “, say the promoters of a petition on the conservative website, OneMillionMoms.

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According to the publication, the daughter of Michael Jackson is going to play the role of Jesus in the film in a fêtarde fetish of Jesus. The girl gets into trouble after being involved in a violent drug trafficking, but she sees a way of freeing themselves from the situation by pretending to be a nun. Jackson plays along with Bella Thorne and Gavin Rossdale of Bush.

Janell Shirtcliff, who has already played in the Old and Dirty of the City and Don Peyote, directed the film and also wrote the script along to actress Suki Kaiser. The actor and singer Donovan Leitch, the son of singer-songwriter scot Donovan, is the producer. The habit is the last episode of the entry of Jackson into the world of theatre. She made her debut as an actress in the role of Rachel Wells in the second season of the Fox of the Star and appeared in his first feature film, Gringo, in 2018.

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