PHOTO of Katy Perry pregnant : shares new photos of her round belly and says with humor


Katy Perry continues to talk about her pregnancy. Pregnant with her boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom, the pop superstar has revealed new images of its round belly on Instagram. The singer has not hesitated to use his usual sense of sarcasm to describe the “realities of pregnancy.”

Katy Perry, always so direct, pregnant or not ! The singer California Girls he has shared his experience of the pregnancy, with its subscribers from Instagram on Thursday 2 July. Between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, which in the end is the happiness for the couple who is expecting a girl, after many twists and turns in their relationship. Katy Perry had dealt with his fear of commitment as soon as the announcement of her pregnancy, through the words of his song : “Because I’ve never used white / But I want to make things right / Yes, I really want to deal with you“. The that uses an art that is very formatted to express the subtle feelings and complex, does not stop in so good way. There is little that she looked like his strange obsession with the food, now, is your belly button, that is the concern…

Katy Perry, the iconoclastic pop star

While Katy Perry shared this Thursday, July 2, the pictures of your belly more and more round, the girlfriend of Orlando Bloom captivate users of the little comments that ranged between sarcasm and a nod to his detractors. It began with a video of his belly button, which evolves unexpectedly. The small button that has completely changed the color has sparked a little bit of disgust at the star, which commented in a émoji at the point of vomiting, and the words : “The realities of pregnancy”. With your sense of the word and the image, Katy Perry parody of the stereotypes of the pop since its inception. The superstar has the intention to circumvent the common places about the pregnancyas has hijacked the codes of stardom with his eccentric look. In the video of his last clip, the singer had posed in its most simple device to reveal to the world her round belly for the first time. The singer of 35 years, then released a second video in which we can see her wearing makeup and dresses. Commented “P*te to click”. A journal of pregnancy, very peculiar !

Publication of Katy Perry on July 2, 2020 Instagram Katy Perry

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