Pirates of the Caribbean – The revenge of Salazar (Disney+) : what we know about the 6th installment to come


Released in 2017, Pirates of the Caribbean : the revenge of Salazarthe fifth film of the saga as worn by Johnny Depp, joined the Sunday, may 24, the catalog supplied much of the films available on the platform SVOD Disney +. The firm’s big ears has never hidden his desire to continue the saga, while giving him a small boost. A sixth opus is therefore in preparation. Here’s what we know on this new aspect may not appeal to all fans of the famous Jack Sparrow.

A sixth film without Johnny Depp ?

If he has incarnated as the person of the pirate Jack Sparrow and largely contributed to the popularity of the saga, Johnny Depp should not be on the cast of the new pane, or at the very least, there would only a small role. Since his erratic behaviour on the set of the fifth installment, The revenge of Salazarand his divorce is tumultuous with Amber Heardthe actor is in a very bad position. In a recent interview with Colliderthe producer Jerry Bruckheimer confirmed the presence of uncertainty, the star in this new part, still in the process of writing : “In the project which is currently in development, we don’t know what will be the role of Johnny. We’ll see”.

A sixth component to the female ?

The headliner of this new album, which would be a reboot, could thus be attributed to a woman. If the actress Keira Knightley has taken a large role in the saga, the women were further relayed in the background in these piracies. According to the american website Comic Bookthe studio would think of then was to replace Johnny Depp by Karen Gillian, the actress british as revealed by the series Doctor Who and, more recently, the poster of the remake of Jumanji and its sequel. This is the sixth film will be written by Craig Mazin, the creator of the series Chernobyl and Ted Elliott, who has already worked on the first installment of the saga.

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