‘Pollo’ Briseño would not be willing to reduce his salary


GUADALAJARA — The defence of Chivas, Antonio Briseño, admitted to not being willing to submit to a reduction of salaryin the event that the owners of mexican soccer will determine reduce a proportional part, or in other words to abolish the payment of his salary in the wake of the crisis economic caused by the pandemic the coronavirus.

These measures are already starting to take in european football, after which players from the Bundesliga agreed to a reduction your salary, same situation that is being negotiated with the captains in the FC Barcelona.

Antonio Briseño acknowledged that the staff would not accept a reduction in salary because it depends on your salary. Imago7

“Personally, as we all have projects to build and a heritage, could not. I endeudé in many things, I contemplate my salaryI speak in a personal capacity, I do not. Those who earn too much in Europe, if they want to as everyone one has needs on the basis of their salaryI personally don’t”, was categorical in the defense of Guadalajara.

The interior of the school building, still not tried that theme, revealed Briseño. No officer has raised with the team the possibility of cutting out in part proportional or total salary monthly.

“We don’t know any of that, at the end of the day it is a very sensitive matter for all, not to me to talk about. It behooves us to bring the work in-house, the club has provided us with all the tools. In what is rumored because there is nothing official, not touched anything on the subject of salary,” said the ‘Chicken’.

All clubs lose in football

The full-back tapatio recognized that all clubs will suffer to recover their way of soccer. While in the physical all sites are dedicated to working individually in both groups with the use of electronic tools and technology, all the clubs will lose at his level of football, which is achieved only with workouts everyday focused on the work within the field.

“It just takes. If you are going to miss something, but I think that we have a style of play marked, very defined, you know how it behaves the defensive team, offensive. The game idea is very clear, has been clear that it has been the idea, ways to defend, attack, tighten the output, the chemical of not seeing your partner every day, how is it going to evolve, gaining confidence, is a bit different, we’re going to return zero. It’s going to change. The that adapts faster is the one that is going to take advantage and is going to reach a league that is the most important thing,” he said.


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