Poor Queen Elizabeth! Prince Andrew in more scandals

It seems that the controversies in the British Royal Family do not rest, and Queen Elizabeth will have to continue as an iron even without Philip of Edinburghparticularly in the face of new scandals that could shake the monarchy again thanks to one of her sons, Prince Andrew.

Again, Queen Elizabeth’s son, Prince Andrew, returns to the center of the controversy as to if the royal family will occupy more attention after the latest events that have marked distances and disputes among its members.

Apparently, the rebukes imposed by the monarch on her controversial descendant a few years ago were not enough to prevent the denóminate Duke of York from incurring such scandals again.

It is now that the brother of “Prince Charles of Wales”, Anne and Edward, resumed the target of the comments after they transcended their ties with another man who is marked by d3litos of type [email protected], as in the past, his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein would shake the royal institution.

Now the third son of Queen Elizabeth II and the d! fun too, Philip of Edinburgh has been linked with Harry Keogh, but who is this new character?

Apparently, the father of sisters Eugenia and Beatrice of York has not taken special care in choosing their friends and it is that reason that again leads him to be the target of strong signs that could make royals wobbly again.

Financier Harry Keogh has been associated with certain chores ranging from “ac0s0 s3xual” reason that even refers to it will lead him to give up his place of work after being pointed out by several of his collaborators who commented, “to have been victims of his practices”.

Sarah Ferguson’s “ex-husband” would have done business with this man and even revealed, Times of London, that the Duke had a planned company with the banker who worked in Coutts, one of the eight oldest banks used by Queen Elizabeth and other members of the monarchy.

Among other points, they refer to Harry Keogh allegedly created a “boys’ club” in which they made various racist and s3x!stas comments as reported.

Harry’s relationship with the royals member seemed to be already so close that even Keogh attended the wedding liaison of one of Andrew’s daughters, Eugenia of York, close sources commented in favor of the Duke that he is “an old friend and adviser.”

The Telegraph reportedly claims that Andrew was forced to give up the company as he was told “not appropriate” for a member of the Royal Family.

Andrew and Keogh would have collaborated in the company called Lincelles, in reference to the 1973 Battle of Lincelles, which at the time Britain was in the hands of the then Duke of York, Prince Frederick.

In 2019, Andrew of York would have been embroiled in the midst of a scandalous storm following his controversial ties to Jeffrey Epstein, an American businessman who was charged with child traffic.

Which also forced the Duke to withdraw from his “public functions” by the “significant disorder” caused to the British Royal Family, according to what he said part of his communiqué, which you can see through this link.

It should be remembered that the guilty find, Epstein, decided to end his life after he was located with a blogger around his neck inside his New York cell during the same year.

This left a number of unknowns and cases unresolved mainly for the victims and for Elizabeth II’s own son, who was also the target of accusations linked to such delights, which he flatly denied and was very willing to collaborate for his enlightenment.

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