Presume Mia Khalifa her OnlyFans account from bed

Former actress and popular social media personality Mia Khalifa bragged about her quarters while enjoying a delicious breakfast, a curious thing about her publication is that she made a comparison with The Austrian Princess Marie Antoinette who was also a personality in her kingdom and the time when she lived yet remains quite a celebrity.

Mia Khalifa once shared an interesting photograph in which she appears taking her snack from her room, in her description she mentioned that this would be the way Marie Antoinette would be in the event that she had OnlyFans.

Any opportunity to promote your OnlyFans page the model and entrepreneur makes the most of it, although you don’t really need much because just listening to your name too many internet users immediately catches your eye on any activity that is related to it.


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In the image you can immediately appreciate a nice room, this one is quite symmetrical, has two lamps on the sides, and paintings of paintings or drawings that despite being different designs are placed at the same height.

You can also see two white bureaus like the room, the only difference between these would undoubtedly be the objects that have on top, which despite being different do not break with the symmetry of the room are balanced a little, thanks for the shadows of them and the light tones.

The backrest of Mia Khalifa’s bed is also symmetrical, although it has some curves that as they read in half increase to a kind of “crown”, this piece has a flower print the leaves and the background of it are a kind of lead color as to the petals of the buttons are pink, with some orange and red tones.

Mia Khalifa sits by the bedside enjoying a delicious breakfast, wearing a black bodysuit with lace that covers very little of her enormous charms.

Among the delicious breakfast that is reached to distinguish we find from left to right, a muffin with chocolate chips or nuts, a green juice sure want to detoxify, a kind of sandwich, two tender eggs, orange juice and the one that appears to be bread with icing, the table on which these delights are is so in a dark brown way that breaks with the symmetry of the tones of the room managing to attract attention immediately in the foreground.

So far the publication of Mia Khalifa has more than 628 thousand red hearts and also more than 3 thousand comments, by internet users who did not miss the opportunity to tell her how beautiful their enormous charms looked in this photograph.

I love that dress in you, you look spectacular,” “Just overwhelming,” some fans wrote.

The photograph was taken in the Blackberry Mountains, no doubt Mia Khalifa is enjoying a nice stay where she is definitely quite consented to, surely she will like to arrive again to be cared for like a princess, a treatment that had on a daily basis the queen consort of France from 1770 to 1793.

Mia Khalifa, like Marie Antoinette, may share some quirky tastes and especially within the dishes that both seem to be fascinated to taste, whether in ancient times or modernity the taste for the extravagant and striking will always catch the public’s attention especially when a personality like both did at the time or is doing so.

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