Prince Charles : the trauma from which it took a long time to recover


In 1994, the prince of Wales has had to cope with the sad loss of one of her dogs, who has been very marked.

In its issue of Wednesday, June 3, 2020, the weekly magazine Point of view interested in the pets in the royal families. That this is within the royalty of Spanish or English, dogs in particular have a very important place. This is not the prince of Wales who will say the opposite, since his wife, Camilla Shand, has adopted two Jack Russell.

These are fore mentioned ones, Beth and Bluebell. The duke and the duchess of Cornwall love so much the fur balls that they “frequently visit the animal shelter and regularly pose” with their four-legged companions. The passion of prince Charles for animals goes back many years. Our colleagues are even talking about the sadness that the father of William and Henry felt when he lost a dog that was very important for him. In fact, in 1994, during a visit to the castle of Balmoral in Scotland (the summer residence of the british royal family), one of its burrows favourite referee in the name of Pooh was gone.

A royal family is a big fan of dogs

Decided to find him whatever the cost, it had even proposed to offer a reward to the one who would put his hand on his faithful canine friend. Unfortunately for him, the prince of Wales has never been able to find, to his greatest regret. Dogs are an integral part of the royalty of british and this, from generation to generation. The duke and duchess of Cambridge have set their sights on an English cocker spaniel named Lupo, “inherited the family Middleton” and they “praise the virtues of teaching with their young children”. On their side, Meghan Markle and her husband have expanded their family with Oz a beagle Guy and a black labrador.

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