Prince Harry : at the age of sixteen, he was sent to a clinic for detoxification by prince Charles


In 2002, when he was only sixteen years of age, prince Harry is already well-known for their appetite for the nights of watering. Prince Charles learned after his son had consumed Cannabis. The act of too much, that will send prince Harry visit a clinic for detoxification.

Here is when prince Harry goes on, the concerns also. In the announcement of his departure from the royal family, is the crown, which the Sussex was a shame. What does it matter, for prince Harrywho wanted to provide a better life for his son Archie, and his wife, Meghan Markle, away from the controversies that were in their day. But even before being a father of a family, prince Harry has made to see all the colors in their family, with the controversy terrible shot on him. In 2012, after a night of partying in Las Vegas prince Harry found himself naked as a worm in the company of a girl any naked in your room, and the pictures went around the world. “It was probably one of those classic cases where the soldier has taken me most of the Princeit was justified, two years later. But this was not the first false step of prince Harry.

A behavior is not really “real”

We could mention the scandal of 2005, when prince Harry was photographed dressed in a nazi. But the first time that a controversy broke out by the son of Lady Diana, he was only sixteen years of age. At this time, Prince Harry was sent to rehab by prince Charles. The reason : the latter had learned that her son was smoking cannabis, in addition to be very focused on the bottle on most nights. The documentary, available at this time on Channel 5, Prince Harry: The Problematic Of The Prince, returns over this period, and tells how the county of Sussex he was sent to a rehabilitation center. “Harry was taken to Featherstone Lodge, a residential centre for drug users in Peckham”relays the Mirror. In reality, the idea that prince Charles was not locking up their son in the curebut to try to cause an electric shock. There, prince Harry has met with people addicted to cocaine or heroin, and trying to wean. The latter explained that the addiction to such hard drugs, had begun by excessive consumption of alcohol and cannabis. This passage the “rehabilitation” have not had much effect : for several years, prince Harry has continued to step through the bars, and at night watered.

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