Prince Harry “has no roots or confidants” in America

The son of Prince Charles would be suffering from extreme loneliness in the United States.

Prince Harry reportedly suffers from extreme loneliness in the United States, as he “has no roots or close confidants.”

This claim was made by Charlie Lankston, editor of Daily Mail Femail.

There he was quoted as saying: “It has not been an easy road for either of us. You must bear in mind that Harry has moved away from a life that he had known forever. “

“He has also withdrawn from his family, his closest friends. Now he lives in a city where he really has no roots or close confidants.

“That really can’t be an easy thing. Similarly, Meghan has had to immerse herself in the Royal Family, try to get used to that life. Then go out again and forge a whole new lifestyle with her husband and son. “

“She has gone from being an actress to royalty and now someone who is trying to become an activist and also a founder of charities.”

He concluded by saying: “That is not an easy task. So yes, overall, I think the couple would agree that they made the right decision. But I think both will be quick to say that it was not the easiest thing.

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