Prince Harry warned about his royal titles

A royal expert indicates that the prince will not be able to use those titles: “you cannot have all the toys.”

An expert on royalty recently came forward to warn Prince Harry not to intend to keep his royal titles as “you can’t have all the toys.”

This warning was made by royal expert Marlene Koenig. During his interview with Express UK, he explained: “Actions have consequences. Mind you, I’m in favor of Harry and Meghan, but I think there are some things you have to put up with. You made a decision, you can’t have all the toys. “

During the course of his interview, he even touched on how critical it is for the crown to support the duo in their advancement. “Having said that, the palace needs to support them in what they do. The palace needs to let them do it. Now when we go-to titles, the only person who has a title here is Harry. “

“Meghan has those titles only by marriage, when she entered St. George she was Mrs. Meghan Markle, but when she came out she was Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex with the rank of Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. ”.

“It would take an act of Parliament with royal consent to eliminate the nobility. In the Plantagenets, especially in the Tudors and those things that used to take away the titles by the attackers and then they cut off your head, that is not going to happen anymore.

However, it is important to note that the Queen could never pressure the couple to lose their royal titles, and in that case, they could simply appease the royal fans by choosing to sign their names as Meghan Markle, Sussex, and Prince Harry, Sussex. during future engagements.

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