Princess Diana’s brother mourns Meghan Markle’s abortion

Charles Spencer sent his best wishes to Harry and Meghan for the devastating experience they went through.

A day after the Duchess of Sussex wrote her powerful essay on her miscarriage in The New York Post, Earl Charles Spencer, brother of the late Princess Diana, and uncle of Prince Harry, has shared his thoughts on the devastating experience they had.

Spencer appeared on the UK morning TV show, Lorraine, and was originally scheduled to speak about her family’s performance on the final season of The Crown.

However, when news of the devastating loss of his nephew broke, the earl was asked to assess the tragedy.

“I’m sure you’ll want to join us all in sending best wishes to Meghan and of course to her nephew Harry,” host Lorraine told the earl, “Because today we learned the very sad news that she had a miscarriage and it’s terribly sad, right?

Charles replied, “It is, Lorraine. I mean, I can’t imagine the agony of a couple losing a child in this way and it is very, very sad and of course, I totally agree with you. “

The earl ended his condolences by saying, “All thoughts with (Harry and Meghan) today.”

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