Project Gal Gadot : A James Bond fminin by Gal Gadot ?


According to the discussion of the Film, Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman by Warner / DC, would be in negotiations with Skydance Productions to play the 1 role of a spy thriller – at the moment without a title – and that, according to the mdia would be a kind of “Spy v Spy” imprgn of similarities with the big franchises like James Bond or Mission Impossible.

Greg Rucka, the crateur of the comics, that has lanc in the writing of scnarios with the adaptation of his The Old Guard for Netflix (the dj for Skydance), I would have written the story of this thriller remains secrte. Not Granger and Dana Goldberg of Skydance oversee the project. But while that discussion does not cause any ralisateur in the movie, says that production should begin at the end of the t, but Gadot with the obligations in Red Manual for Netflix, the agenda has to be altered.

The dnominateur common that unites Gadot Rucka, is Wonder Woman. The star is, obviously, the hrone owner since 2016, and its passage note on Batman v Superman. It also has port of the Wonder Woman of 2017 on their shoulders, and apprte rcidiver with Wonder Woman 1984. The scnariste about it written in the comics Wonder Woman between 2000 and 2017.

The films are the property of their copyright owners All rights rservs. The movies, their characters, and the production of the photos are the property of their copyright owners.

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