Proud Mia Khalifa Show off her cute derriere to her fans!

Model and former actress Mia Khalifa has been very excited for a few weeks that her derriére has had some quite striking changes.

Like any vain woman the company has not hesitated to show it to her fans, this through her social networks, especially in her Instagram stories where she has been showing the advances.

Mia Khalifa does not waste opportunities all of them take advantage of them especially because she is happy with the result she has been having for the last few weeks.


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The 27-year-old is very determined that this part of her figure grows, as you will remember she possesses two great superior charms themselves that have become quite popular, just by being part of the beautiful and flirtatious celebrity.

It was three publications that she shared in one of them that appears while on her back, showing part of the result she has had since attending with a professional who gives her a kind of massages with electrodes.

In the second photo we see her show off her waist and in the third again she boasts her derriére but does not look as much as in the first.

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