Pure art, Emily Ratajkowski as God brought her into the world and in the sun

The renowned model of London origin, resident in the United States, Emily Ratajkowski is world-famous for her attractive photographs, catwalks, and magazine covers in which she appears frequently, so it is certainly no surprise to see her pose stripped of her garments.

However, on this occasion, she has spent the last few hours posting from her official Instagram account, a compilation of splendid images of hers, where she proudly and very vainly displays her prominent pregnancy belly.

There are several publications that EmRata has dedicated to the application, however, there is one that has caught the total attention of the viewers, seeing its impressive physiognomy in the open, from a room and being kissed by the sun, it is certainly a piece of art worthy of a museum, whoever has taken this image must feel very lucky in the face of the stunning beauty of the renowned model.

Three are the fabulous photographs shared by the beautiful model and entrepreneur, who, according to our calculations, is already quite close to being released as a mother, or perhaps she will have already done so, but without notifying the media.

At the foot of the window, just at the “magic hour” when the golden sun’s rays cover every building in the city and cause the perfect shade, Ratajkowski posed standing and very vain, showing everything.

In the first image, we were able to appreciate the natural beauty of the British model, profiled and with a good angle from below, the stunning and curvilinear silhouette of EmRata can be seen in every inch of its tan and smooth skin, with its arms raised and recharged on the wall of the room, the entrepreneur also exposed your silhouette.

We can see in the foreground its prominent belly, its stylized turned legs, and its gluteal region, between the shadows and the rays of the sun was made a totally impressive effect, which causes us to want to continue to see these images as long as possible.


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The second snapshot barely mocks the policies of the application, to avoid being censored, therefore, Emily posed head-on to the camera, with this innate sense that characterizes her, covering with her hand her front attributes and with a few pixels her intimate area, we can appreciate em’s silhouette as her pregnancy continues.

The third and final of the postcards, we think has been the favorite of the audience, because, playing with the golden rays of the sun, the bright skin of our favorite pregnant model looks phenomenal, and has captivated the gaze of millions.

For her part, the fervent admirers of the writer, have left her thousands of comments flattering her impressive beauty that looks like another world, as if it were a Goddess, and that is, we cannot deny that her peculiar beauty is worthy of admiring.

It should be noted that recently Emily pre-edited her first book, in which we can read some aspects that attract a lot of attention, for example, it will take us a little into the ranks of feminism and very interesting social problems, “My Body” will arrive soon.

Moreover, if one thing Emily Ratajkowski has shown in the last year is that she has lost the fear of raising her voice, the model combines her career path against the spotlight with her activist side, with which she is revealing some of the most current problems in the fashion industry.

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