Reconciliation, Kylie Jenner and Rosalia appear together again

We had seen lately that millionaire entrepreneur Kylie Jenner and the famous Spanish singer Rosalía maintained a beautiful friendship, even both shared photographs where they appeared together and showing internet users that she had a very good friendship.

These famous girls have attended various social events, birthday parties, and Christmas galas together and even committed themselves symbolically, of course, with rings included, all this, reported from their respective personal profiles on Instagram.

However, several months ago, the younger sister of the Kardashian Jenner clan caused a total revolution when she made her “cleaning” of accounts in a row, and among which she ceased to follow was the renowned Spanish.

Although the reasons were never really known, as no one involved mentioned a word about it, many users claimed that it was an episode of jealousy on the part of the partner, after Travis Scott was seen very close together.

Others commented that maybe it was a simple finger error, and had inadvertently removed it, and thus endless explanations, circulating with speculations that users always make active on different social networks.

Well, this fact was taken as an end in the relationship of friendship between the two celebrated and beautiful ladies, yet now they themselves have been in charge of lying these alleged claims that there is no longer any relationship between them.

On the same social network, images appeared where they have been shown together again, and this has certainly filled their faithful followers with joy and joy, although, it can be clarified once and for all, that the image has been removed.

Everything seems to indicate that Stormi’s mother has once again included Rosalía in her exclusive club of the 68 people she follows, for her part, the Catalan has shared in her stories several images accompanied by the millionaire entrepreneur, in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles.

“The Nice Guy” has been the setting for the long-awaited reunion, this exclusive and luxurious restaurant has been visited by countless celebrities, however, something that is known perfectly, is just the exclusivity of the site.

It has seen celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Harry styles, Hailey Bieber and Justin, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and even Harry Styles, and with that clientele, it’s more than certain that sisters Kardashian Jenner have also been there.

So, apparently, it was kylie Cosmetics’ own owner who has been in charge of showing the site to her international good friend, and as we mentioned, the unique thing about this luxurious place is that it does not allow you to take photos or videos to guarantee the privacy of your customers.

The rule that friends have ignored in order to show their friendship on social networks, but, we assume that for the same reason the photographs have been removed from the profile of the Spaniard, so now that only lives in our memory, and of course, in the image reel of your mobile phone.

Although, by doing social media checks, we were able to find the aforementioned images and leave them down here, that said, we are almost certain that it will not take long for Kendall’s younger sister to appear in a post with the singer, and burn social media with her charms perched at their best angles.

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