“Reprogram Celine Dion or Iron Maiden, is a game of bowling,” says the vice-president of the Paris of the Defense of the Sand


Paris La Defense Sand accuses the 20 million euros gross of the losses due to the crisis of the sars coronavirus and containment. (Illustration) — IBO/SIPA

  • The programming of 2020 Paris The Defense of the Arena is shaken by the crisis health-related coronavirus and containment. This Saturday, Céline Dion had to start a residency of six dates.
  • The diva canadian, as almost all of the artists, groups or events predicted in 2020, in the hall of Nanterre have been deferred to the year 2021. Only the concert of Paul McCartney, has been cancelled.
  • The consequences of the crisis of the coronavirus are very heavy for the Sand with € 20 million gross losses.

A first date cancelled on march 7, with a Night of Britain dream. And, then, the Value World Tour, Céline Dion’s postponed. The concert of Paul McCartney canceled. And the end of the season notified to the Races. The health crisis linked to the
coronavirus and the period of
containment have changed the programming
Paris La Defense Of The Sand. To such an extent that Balthild Lorenzetti was “Tetris” with the teams to reschedule the shows that are signed and carried out. The vice-president of
the young man in the room Nanterre says 20 Minutes how the offer of events has been reconstructed.

Balthild Lorenzetti, vice-president of the Paris of the Defense of the Sand.

How have you done for recaser all your events in 2020 or 2021 ? You have frozen what was expected in the year 2021 ?

It is a game of bowling. But like all tours 2021 have been moved in 2022, for those of 2020, we could find the dates in the year 2021. By Céline Dion, was the question of what would happen in England or in the united States, where the dates of confinement were not the same. But we managed to recaser fortunately their six dates in the Sand. The first concert [le nom de l’artiste ou du groupe n’a pas encore été dévoilé] the room will be held in January of 2021, an event that was initially planned for October 2020 and December 2020.

Your scheduled events have been postponed to the year 2021. Except the date, the concert of Paul McCartney, why ?

Paul McCartney preferred to cancel his tour and everyone will be refunded. Not usually offer concerts a year in advance. He prefers to wait to see to return. But a concert of Paul McCartney does not require eight months to sell the tickets. For Celine Dion, the six dates of
the tour of Courage sold in 1 hour and 30 minutes. It is happy because it has received reports of nearly 100% of our events, even for events not yet advertised.

For the concerts postponed, it is proposed a payment plan. Many viewers have asked to be reimbursed ?

No, the first show, which announced its postponement, it was Iron Maiden, and in the 38,000 tickets sold, we have had 18 requests for reimbursement. There is a real appetite of the spectators of the concert. We saw it during the confinement with the radios, the music, the life of the artists have helped people. When one is postponed, and not cancelled, there is a relief of the spectators. The waiting lists have been created to buy tickets for the concerts of Celine Dion if some viewers were to cancel their visits.

How are the negotiations with the turners to adjust the dates of the report ?

We have worked with them since the month of march. The displacement of the tours of 2021 2022 has led to the holes. The size of Paris, The Defense of the Sand [40.000 places pour un concert] fact that the armies of international travel, when moved in England or in the united States, that moves with us. We have had no difficulty to find dates for all of the world. These are not negotiations, but of the associations. For the six dates of Céline Dion, there are several proposals and the producer has chosen what is right for them.

With this shy on the dates of your concerts, how is interspersed with the Racing games ?

We must make our votes in the national rugby League this week. The NRL listening to and accommodating in our requests. If there is a friction between a date and a game and a concert, we have always preferred the concerts. We’ve had parties that had moved to Vannes [venue de Jay-Z et Beyoncé à l’Arena pour rôder leur show]in Pigeons to the quarter-finals of the Top 14 in the concerts of Mylène Farmer. This election, continues to host concerts in the best conditions. During the closure, we worked in the relocation sites as possible. In principle, the Racing should be the first event of the hall for the resumption of the Top 14, the 5 of September.

What is the deficit related to the coronavirus to Paris La Defense in the Arena ?

Twenty million euros gross expenditure accumulated losses are abyssal. And this despite the fact that the part-time unemployment, supported by the government. The room has 60 permanent employees, 93% were in part-time unemployment. But I also believe that our suppliers of services : catering, refreshment stands, security, hostesses… we were first confined and is the last to reopen. The Arena is a young company, we are in our third year of activities, and we must begin to make a profit. 2020-2021 it will also be the half of heart.


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