responsible for the shooting against Megan Thee Sire ?


While Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez went to a party at Kylie Jenner, the 2 artists have had a late-night wave between the arrest and injured by the bullets.

A week ago that Kylie is one of the most popular topics in social networks, especially Twitter. The mother Stormy was talking about it last week as a former waitress of a japanese restaurant, in a TikTok talk about the experience with some celebrities, and the least we can say is that she has not been tender with the last of the clan Kardashian. In effect, Kylie was going to have lunch in their restaurant and would have left a tip of$ 20, so she has had to$500. That is to say, that in the united States, it is necessary to leave a tip equivalent to approximately 20% of the grade, which in this case represents a sum of around $ 100. Especially that the young man is almost a billionaire. A gesture that has not really been appreciated by viewers who responded to the message of the restorer. But currently, this is not your bag that the controversy…

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She has to unfollow on Instagram

This weekend, Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion were arrested by the police in front of many cameras that have allowed the area of Internet to be a witness of the scene. So, we learned that the Canadian had been arrested for possession of a weapon, while Megan was taken to the hospital to be shot and wounded. On Instagram, the interpreter of Savage wanted to tell your truth. She explained that she had been directly targeted by the rocket fire, and that the goal was to kill her. She even adds that she is happy to be alive and now concentrate on your music and your recovery. Except that people have posed a lot of questions, pointing the finger at the fact that Tory and Megan were all of the 2 former Travis Scott, evidenced by a video posted in the history of Instagram where they were all 3 in a swimming pool. This sequence of 3, the tweeters are wondering : why there is nothing happened to Kylie ? More still, they wonder why Kylie doesn’t follow Megan and Tory in the networks, in particular in Calls ? Enough to feed all sorts of rumors, the main one is that Kylie Jenner would be responsible for the injury of Megan… we’ll let you do the research !

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