Rihanna: Bella Hadid very sexy almost naked in savage x Fenty!

Bella Hadid has once again cracked her fans by posing with a Savage x Fenty panties, Rihanna’s brand.

Bella Hadid seems to love Rihanna’s underwear brand! On Instagram, the social media star appears almost naked with beautiful panties Savage x Fenty. D1soft Ball reveals the photos!

As you probably know, Rihanna is experiencing a crazy success. It’s simple, everyone loves it and admires it! It must be said that the very famous singer has a lot of talent.

It follows the projects, but above all, the very big successes. We no longer count the number of her hits. But the star of the scene doesn’t just do it in music.

Indeed, she owns her own brand of underwear. As you will have understood, it is Savage x Fenty. She’s a real businesswoman!

The product page has nearly 4 million followers on Instagram. Yes, you’ve heard it! So it’s a very big box.

It must be said that there are very famous photo models. Not long ago, Bella Hadid posed for the brand of her friend Rihanna.

No, you’re not dreaming! Discover the sublime shots of the American model. D1Soft Ball News tells you more!


On the Web, as on the catwalks, Bella Hadid is a sensation. With each appearance, the social media star agrees.

She collaborates with the biggest luxury brands and recently donated her image to the online store of her great friend Rihanna.

On the Instagram account Savage x Fenty with 4 million followers, we discover 2 new photos. Gigi’s sister is everywhere!

She thus takes the half-naked pose in the sublime black panties of the brand. The unique piece is really beautiful. Oh yes, she also has a pair of high heels!

The black and white photos only show her color makeup, which gives an incredible effect to the shots!

But that’s not all, Bella Hadid is shiny and then seems straight out of a sci-fi movie. She could play in the next Avatar!

Under the spell, Internet users reacted en masse to the new post of their idol. It must be said that it sends very heavy. It already has more than 40,000 likes!

You’ll understand, so it’s one more box for the famous photo model. One thing is certain, Rihanna and her friend Bella Hadid have not finished making a name for themselves.

Nothing seems to be able to stop them! We let you admire the photos available on Instagram.

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