Rihanna formalizes her relationship with A$AP Rocky with a nice kiss!

That’s it, it’s finally official! Rihanna has just made her canonical relationship with the famous rapper A$AP Rocky, whom she was already dating.

It’s been a while since Rihanna’s been messing with A$AP Rocky. However, for months, we tended to think that it was just passing. However, the two stars seem to formalize their relationship!

It is almost a year since Rihanna lives a second youth in the arms of her new Jules. Yes, the star has been in a relationship with A$AP Rocky.

Something that many fans were waiting for, while others would have wanted to see her with Drake. However, Riri is no longer a heart to take and intends to make it clear.

If for months her strategy was to say that she was in a free relationship, things are getting more and more serious. And that’s to their credit.

For some time now, both have been showing up arm in arm! In other words, the singer and fashion boss is on a little cloud.

Rihanna appeared alongside her dear and tender rapper, rapper A$AP Rocky during her vacation in Barbados. She even exchanged in front of the paparazzi a little tender kiss!


For some time now, Rihanna has been rejuvenating her native island, Barbados. The opportunity for her to be reunited with her loved ones and her family. It’s the right time!

A$AP Rocky accompanied him, in love transit, and he did not go unnoticed. If everyone knows him, his family has officially recognized him as the boyfriend of Miss Robyn Fenty!

Rihanna did not bother to kiss her Jules in front of their friends together. Including the family of the Barbados-based singer.

In the meantime, the two lovebirds have chained the dates in love. So we saw them jet skiing and even being towed by a zodiac in an inflatable buoy!

So our singer drew a line under her last disastrous relationship. A year ago, she was breaking up with Hassan Jameel, her toxic ex.

At the door, the Saudi billionaire dethroned as a boyfriend by the talented A$AP Rocky. For better or for worse, but especially for the better.

Presented to the Barbadian family, A$AP caused a sensation… The whole family seems to have accepted it and he seems to be a full member of it now.

Rihanna couldn’t have asked for anything better, but she doesn’t have a minute left to her. It is not easy to be a singer and fashion designer, after all!

Anyway, the support of his new boyfriend, Rakim of his real name, offers him the freedom to settle down to recharge. In any case, their idyll seems more than fusional!

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