Rihanna has dropped the song and your project’s “R9” ?


That is 4 years that Rihanna has nothing out side of the music. Not even “R9”, much to the chagrin of their fans… did she put his career on stand-by ?

Rihanna knows how to be desired. While his fan base is eagerly waiting for her next album, she strives to do anything, not even R9. She put an end to his career as a singer ? MCE TV tells you everything from a to Z.

This is months, or even years R9the next album of Rihanna out there in the pipeline. That is not to the taste of the fansthat the harass for the type.

True to form, the star, therefore, you have to understand thatonly she could decide when he was going to leave. Case closed ? Oh, no, things are not so simple.

Many of her fans to the question about the release of this musical project as expected. Even his ex, the rapper Drake, that questions he also in R9.

This word is, in any case, among all the lips, and Rihanna it seems to enrage. At the point where one wonders if she does it is not simply unmindful of the song.

This would not be so surprising, knowing that the star has a lot of passions. To start with the mode and your empire administering an iron fist : Fenty Beauty.

If Rihanna looks like a bit of soup to the milk when one speaks of R9one may ask if it is not going make a cross in your career the music… But what is it really ?

Rihanna has definitely left his musical career and his project R9 ?

Rihanna has definitely left his musical career and his project R9 ?

Rihanna is not engaged she is now Fenty Beauty ?

If we all saw Rihanna with their successes in the lights as “Umbrella “ or “SOS “, the the music there are a priori it is not your first love. Or, at least, is not the only aspect of his personality.

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After having experienced the success of their first albums, Rihanna has very quickly wanted participate in other adventures. It has been noticed in the cinema in a couple of roles on the big screen.

But where the queen of pop managesit is well in the middle of the mode. She bathes in any case, as a fish in the water, and we need only to see many of his shots to make it explode the counters of tastes.

It was so natural for her that sheshe throws herself to the fashion, with Fentyits own brand. A brand a subsidiary of the LVMH group, owner of Louis Vuitton. Rihanna becomes the first woman business black of the French firm !

If the music is part of his passions, the mode of it seems your first concern. The diva of Barbados put in any case, in this race that she fully embraces it now.

Recently, the star has also unveiled a line-up very colorful for the summer, with his collection “Savage x Fenty “. It must be said that his lingerie of the brand avant-garde colorful and known to be a great success.

It can be one of the best investments that has made LVMHin débauchant shows the singer Rihanna, which, in terms of fashion, it has the sense of taste, but also bold !

On the other hand, it is not surprising that the star is analyzed fashion on the side of the rapper The-Dream, with whom she is very close. Like what, even when speaking with other musicians, the mode returns in the first place.

That said, your fans the know and I’m especially grateful for for your music. And that, Huey was well aware of.

Rihanna: the singer, a day, a singer always…

Rihanna leaves her musical career, now seems unlikely. The reason is very simple : “that was my first contact in the world “as she refers to herself in the magazine Vogue UK.

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What she says or does, the interpreter of “Work “ it has beenttendue the back with this new album : “R9 “. Even if many things in the head today, without doubt, going to get back to this, which became known in the world.

“Is this strange language that binds me to them.”, “she says about her fans. ” To me, the designer in me, the woman who created the make-up, it all started with the music “ she continues in her interview with the Vogue.

That said, these constant questions about the R9 were able to rush the singer, who has other priorities at the present time. All that, even without the launch of new titles, is continues to the top of the charts.

His 8th opus, “ANTI “it is in the 162 on the Billboard 200. This, while it is released there are already 4 years. The proof that she does not need a new musical project to prove to themselves that it is one of the best artists of all time.

If the music became known in the world, the star entertains his fans the combination of your brand in the music. The artist has created several playlists of Music Apple signed Fenty.

It may be for her to make it clear to everyone that she still has one foot in the stirrup. And that there is nothing to prevent releasing an album when he sings.

Rihanna for Fenty to R9, an artist always full of surprises

If the music or the fashionRihanna is constantly renewed. Often appears where you do not expect, and we demonstrate that they can succeed in everything you undertake.

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Will be, in any case, surprised everyone by joining LVMH in the last year. Its CEO, said in other places that“he really has his place in the family LVMH “.

By adding your pasta to this institution, Rihanna in any case, to achieve a true renewal. As the queen of fashion, knows how to shake the standards, and to impose our ideas.

In terms of music, we can say that this has helped to make known to the general public. Create hits him at the time permit to surpass himself, and to express their creativitybut also to operate a lot of styles and influences that will shape your career, whether musical or a business woman, accomplished as it is today.

Rihanna is beautiful to have a bunch of projects, under the arms, the music remains at the heart of his career. Any stop would be like cutting off my communication “says about his career Vogue. “All the other things that are blooming at the top of this foundation “.

If you have the intention of putting an end to his career, is not now. Rihanna has many opportunities in front of her. He has also recently published a book in which the traces of his career.

In terms of R9this album, which has attracted so many desires, it is it take your evil in patiencesimply. And I hope not the last of his successful career !

“I’ve done everything, I’ve made hits, I’ve tried all the styles,”, he said. “Now, my mind is completely open. I can do everything I want “. We even languish !