Rihanna: her new product “Fenty Skin” should make a splash!

Rihanna is a big hit with Fenty’s skin. Its products sell like hotcakes. And the new one is not going to escape the rule.

Since the release of Fenty Skin, Rihanna has been a huge success. Moreover, its new product should appeal to as many people as possible.

Rihanna is on all fronts. The pretty singer continues to expand her audience. In several years it has really won the hearts of young and old for that matter.

So the singer has all the caps. So it seems that the song is not his only talent. Even if her proofs are no longer to be done, Rihanna continues to amaze her fans.

So the young woman got into the business. She then launched her own brand. Fenty is already a great success. It is true that his fans are always very loyal. No wonder then.

Besides, Rihanna never does things halfway. It then partnered with LVMH and therefore offered ready-to-wear. Enough to delight his fans then.

And yet, the pandemic decided to come and disrupt this beautiful project. Thus, this collaboration must stop. But don’t panic. It could be that part postponed.

Rihanna doesn’t intend to let herself down. And for good reason, it continues to offer beauty products and lingerie.

And for good reason, his brand is divided into three major branches: Fenty Beauty, Fenty Skin, and finally Savage X Fenty.

In fact, Fenty Skin is launching a new product. And this one should appeal to many fans.


Rihanna always tries to please as many people as possible. Thus, his Fenty Skin brand is imagined for this purpose. Thus, the star is a great success.

Indeed. Fenty beauty generates a turnover of 500 million euros. Savage X Fenty, on the other hand, reached $150 million. In short, the brand seems to make a sensation. Thus, on the Web, the compliments are, therefore. So Rihanna must be happy.

But if there is one activity that is becoming more and more noticeable it is Fenty Skin. It must be said that the interpreter of “Umbrella” put the small dishes in the big ones.

And for good reason, Fenty Skin is the brand of all colors. Rihanna has therefore given great importance to diversity. Thus, its products adapt to all types of skin and skin tones. So the pretty brunette hit the mark. No wonder!

Tomorrow, a new product will be available. And as usual, this product should make a sensation.

On the Insta page of the care brand, the release of this new product is announced. Fans of the brand will be able to buy it from February 12th.

And as Rihanna thinks of everything, a little tutorial explains how to use this one. Fans should then quickly give their opinion. Case to follow then.

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