Rihanna refused the advances of a famous American actor!

Nothing stops Rihanna! The Barbadian singer refused the advances of a famous American actor a few years ago…

Rihanna is officially in a relationship not with an American actor, but A$ap Rocky. After months of speculation, the paparazzi managed to get their hands on photos of the couple in Barbados.

So it was hand in hand that the couple showed up at Christmas time. The clichés have gone around the world, and they have certainly done a lot of harm to a well-known American actor.

A few years ago, the impertinent Rihanna put the wind on an actor who had been courting her for a while. If you are told that the actor in question starred in the film Sex Intentions alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar, you tell us, Ryan Philippe.

Indeed, the American actor would have had a big crush on Rihanna. So he tried his luck a few years ago. But the singer has not succumbed to the charm of the 46-year-old American.

The actor has been turned away in a rather embarrassing way by the star and he will not forget this moment anytime soon. It was during the pre-evening Grammy Awards in 2011 that the handsome boy made his statement to the singer.

A source at the scene told US Weekly, and the details are crisp. “Ryan Philippe said something like, ‘What are you doing tonight?’ and she said sleep.’

The young woman made it clear that she was not interested. “She was trying to be polite but she really wasn’t interested. When some of his friends came to join the conversation, he simply walked away.” Atmosphere.


Ryan Philippe never mentioned the rake that singer Rihanna put in front of everyone. The moment must have been very humiliating for the actor, and we understand that.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time the Bitch Better Have My Money performer has put winds on a star. Indeed, in 2016, she had already humiliated the singer Drake, long known as the ex of the singer.

At the 2016 MTV VMAs, the singer took to the stage to collect the award she had just received. The trophy was presented by Drake, who had several ideas behind his head.

On stage, the Hotline Bling performer had prepared a speech in honor of the Barbadian.. . . with whom he once had a relationship. A speech that seems to have done neither hot nor cold to Rihanna, who dodged a kiss on the mouth of her dear and tender.

After her chaotic relationship with Chris Brown, the singer learned to shield herself. From now on, she makes it a point of honor that her private life remains private. And she doesn’t want to show up as a couple on Instagram anymore.

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