Rihanna releases her Savage X Fenty hyper nature collection for spring!

Rihanna has released the big game for her new collection Savage x Fenty. The star has imagined sexy models that may surprise you!

Rihanna is still preparing many surprises for her fans with her brand Savage x Fenty. Indeed, the bomb has just unveiled the first models of its spring collection. And it’s going to be steamy! We let you discover…

Rihanna has become a real businesswoman in the space of a few years. Indeed, the top decided to put music aside to get into fashion and beauty!

The singer gave birth to several brands to her name. She first created Fenty Beauty to offer women make-up suitable for all skin types.

The artist has also shaken up the world of beauty with his products. Its brand is now a must-see all over the world! Incredible!

The sulfurous brunette has therefore taken advantage of its success to conquer a new market. Indeed, she then embarked on sexy lingerie with Savage x Fenty.

The artist imagines raunchy underwear to spice up the daily lives of his fans. And the least we can say is that she does not lack imagination for her collections!

Rihanna plays with the trends of the moment. The star always models in tune with the seasons. She has just unveiled her new line of lingerie for sunny days! We love it!


Yesterday, the star decided to share the first photos of his new collection Savage x Fenty. The fashionista was inspired by spring to imagine very floral models with beautiful colors.

Body, bustier, bra and even kimono… Rihanna has put the package to crack her fans! The star even imagined a great shoot to showcase her new products!

The bomb called on his muses to pose with his pretty creations. The models are then displayed in the middle of nature with raunchy outfits.

So far, Rihanna has yet to share a photo of herself with her products. However, the singer loves to play the models to highlight her sexy ensembles!

We will have to wait a little longer before seeing the artist again with his new collection Savage x Fenty!

The absence of Rihanna on the shoot did not prevent Internet users from cracking! Indeed, the latter is under the spell of the new spring collection. And the photos already have thousands of times around the web. That’s all it is!

But that’s not all! Fans of the artist did not hesitate to stop to order to receive the news before everyone else. So it’s another successful bet for Riri!

Indeed, the sulfurous brunette continues to shake the Web with its brand. And the latter is still likely to be a nice success with her new creations.

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