Rihanna reveals to her fans her 100% Fenty Skin night beauty routine!

In a YouTube video, Rihanna has just given some tips about her night beauty routine, based on Fenty Skin products!

Fenty Skin may well be the range of products that everyone is snapping up. It must be said that Rihanna knows how to convince us.

Even today, our beauty queen has decided to give us her little tips for taking care of ourselves, just before going to sleep.

In a 3-minute YouTube video, the young woman explains her beauty routine. “I usually like to start with a cleansing lotion to remove the makeup or grease from the day,” she begins.

Then she continues with a tonic serum. But the product that Rihanna absolutely can’t do without is her famous “Instant Reset”. In other words, it is a night cream.

After presenting the various treatments, Rihanna argues at length on it. If you are interested in this type of content, we advise you to watch your YouTube video carefully.

But judging by the number of likes as well as the comments, you wouldn’t be the only one. “The most beautiful woman in the world,” “I love everything you do,” “Great,” “Fantastic,” can be read at the bottom of the teaser video on her Instagram account.

Some even say they can’t wait to discover her hair collection! Indeed, after the launch of Fenty Beauty makeup in 2016, the care with Fenty Skin at the end of 2020, Fenty Hair should in turn see the light of day.

As proof, the company that owns the various rights and intellectual property of Rihanna’s trademarks has just filed the “Fenty Hair” trademark extension.

It would apply to shampoos, smoothing products, hair undulating products, hair coloring products, and hair sequins. Fans of the star may be happy.


In the comments, some fans also claim an album by Rihanna. Indeed, it has already been more than five years since the young woman has released anything.

According to our colleagues in Booska-P, this situation is beginning to seriously worry her label. A member of her team agreed to give some confidence. And she seems exasperated

First, she said, “I haven’t listened to anything yet, I don’t know where she is.” Then she added not understanding Rihanna’s behavior

«  She released a record, we liked her, and then she retired to the British countryside for five or six years. She all spits out. It has become more important than music. She exclaimed.

Thus, it is to be believed that Rihanna does not plan to release her album in the coming months. So we’ll have to settle for her YouTube videos. At least for now! Case to follow.

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