Rihanna: this sublime house in London that she can’t sell!

Rihanna has put her sublime home up for sale in London. The singer has a hard time finding a buyer and had to lower the price.

Rihanna lived for a time in London and bought a very nice house. However, the singer wants to sell it but has a hard time finding a buyer.

Millionaires don’t rush to the door of Rihanna. For several months, the singer lived in London in complete privacy. At that time, she was in a relationship with Hassan Jameel and everything seemed to be going well between them. In fact, the singer was rather discreet about her love story.

The star fell madly in love with England and loved living in London. She was able to discover the many neighborhoods while trying to go unnoticed. “I love walking in the neighborhood. When I walk, I try to stay a little incognito,” she told the New York Times.

However, her romance with Hassan Jameel ended a few months ago. The starlet did not confide in the reasons for her breakup with the billionaire. She preferred to focus on her career and enjoyed huge success with her cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty and her lingerie brand Savage X Fenty.

Nevertheless, her breakup with the businessman prompted her to leave England. Rihanna has been back in the United States for several months and has put her beautiful house up for sale. At the end of the day, the artist thought she was selling her villa for 32 million pounds. However, it has not been a great success.


Rihanna splits from one of her favorite assets because she no longer lives in England. So she put her beautiful house up for sale near the famous Abbey Road Studios. The 33-year-old star has lived there for more than two years with Hassan Jameel and so there are many memories. It must be said that the house is in a beautiful neighborhood.

The singer’s villa in London is very well located and she is quiet. Then there is space as the house has a huge parking lot to accommodate at least 10 cars. There are six bathrooms, a movie theater, and beautiful furniture carefully chosen by the star herself.

Of course, Rihanna’s villa has a huge garden to accommodate an entire family. Then, it wants to be bright and even has a wine cellar for the greatest amateurs. Yet, with all these assets, the house is having a hard time selling these days. So the singer had to lower her price.

At first, Rihanna was thinking of selling her house for 32 million pounds. However, visits have been rare and people have not made many offers. As a result, the real estate agency had to reduce it to 27.5 million pounds. That’s a loss of $4.5 million for the starlet. We just have to see if she will receive new offers at that price…

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