Rob Kardashian diversifies his businesses

In addition to his brand of socks, he ventures out with a hot sauce and vanilla-flavored drink.

Rob Kardashian thrives as an entrepreneur, and in addition to his brand of socks, he ventures into a hot sauce and vanilla flavored drink.

Rob launched a new hot sauce called Grandeza Hot Sauce last November, in collaboration with his mother Kris Jenner. Now it is announced that it will soon launch a vanilla cream flavored drink called Exotic Pop, which would be the competition of the popular Canada Dry of the same flavor.

Rob is the only member of the famous clan who has preferred to stay out of the press and media, focusing on addressing his problems of low self-esteem and dedicated to developing business projects, which must be said, they have not been as successful as his sisters, who they have managed to build millionaire economic empires.

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