Robert Pattinson forced to work for The Batman ?


According to a rumor, Robert Pattinson would have to be very muscular to play the role of Batman. But is this true ?

To play in The Batman, Robert Pattinson must have the potential to be a super-hero. You have to take the muscles to get the costume ? MCE explains to you all !

It is not uncommon for an actor to be forced to transform to play the role of his next film. It is enough to see the metamorphosis of Chris Pratt it to believe it !

In fact, the beautiful actor has to eat a lot to getting the role the “nice a little roly-poly” in The Guardians Of The Galaxy, released in 2014.

The purpose of this ? Weighs more than 130 pounds. Ooch ! It is necessary to believe that, in order to have as much weight is not all that fun to be an actor. But work no more !

Since a few days ago, a rumor about Robert Pattinson. In summary, the actor of 34 years to have killer abs to play in The Batman.

You will have understood : Robert Pattinson must have the potential to be a super-hero. Large, strong and muscular. But, for the moment, the construction is not yet unanimity.

Therefore, the producers of Batman has-he’s actually asked to gain weight and muscle beforedonning the costume of super-heroes ? Pending.

Robert Pattinson forced to work for the filming of Batman 640

Robert Pattinson is lagging behind

To use the mask of the hero of the darker DC Comics, Robert Pattinson must be credible. Your metamorphosis in bat do not the right to make a mistake.

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But you have to believe that it promises a lot more complicated than expected. According to the tabloid Star, the vampire of Twilight meeting “a failure to change the image “.

“When Robert Pattinson was cast, was seven or eight months to gain weight and muscle for a Batman convincing, but this is not the way things are going “.

Then, an anonymous source continues : “He was struggling with the workout, very intense and simply you do not get the kind of results it is necessary to play Batman. “Oh !