Robert Pattinson will be beautiful and well the clothing of Batman!


For better or for worse, depending on your opinion, it would be now official: actor Robert Pattinson will play Batman in the next trilogy of films about the masked man, confirmed Deadline.

After several days of suspense and a trial in front of the camera, the interpreter of Edward Cullen in the saga Twilight would have finally had the top on Nicholas Hoult, also tipped for the role of Bruce Wayne.

According to the american publication, Pattinson in now would be to negotiate a contract that includes options for at least three feature-length films.

The trilogy (or at least the first film of it) will be done by Matt Reeves, who has in particular offered the two panes of The Planet of the apes and Cloverfield.

The Batmanfirst stop of this new series, expected to be released in 2021 and would focus on the younger years of the hero of Gotham, where the choice of one actor over the age of a little over 30 years ago.

Pattinson will succeed, therefore, to Ben Affleck, who is the last title to have donned the costume of Batman.

Given the mitigated success of recent appearances of the character, let’s say that the mask Affleck could be a little easier to wear than that of Christian Bale or Michael Keaton…


Robert Pattinson is a good choice to portray Batman?



That to me is equal…

I miss Val Kilmer.

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