Royal officials spent hours fighting trolls attacking Meghan Markle

A testimony from a palace employee claims that they spent hours deleting hateful messages against the Duchess of Sussex.

Meghan Markle remains one of the most scrutinized and hated members of the British monarchy.

A testament to the amount of abuse the Duchess of Sussex faces, even after her departure from the country with Prince Harry, was the fact that palace officials spent hours removing hateful comments about the former actress.

This was revealed by a source quoted by The Sun, who said Kensington Palace officials revealed that they spent hours of their day fighting internet trolls attacking the Duchess.

“It was pretty vile for a while. There are automated tools that can help control highly inappropriate comments and also manual moderation, but there are often thousands of comments. It only takes a couple of people to provoke a really nasty conversation with very aggressive people, ”said the source.

Meghan was certainly not the only royal who had to fight hate on social media. Kate Middleton was also often the subject of scrutiny for being married to the future king.

Royal correspondent Emily Nash spoke about the criticism of Kate in the documentary Kate: The Making of a Modern Queen.

“You have to remember that she is perhaps one of the most scrutinized royals in history, due to the rise of smartphones and social media; any little slip or mistake could go viral in seconds. And she must be really aware of that and it must be challenging, ”Nash said.

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