Becoming a parent changes your life and for Rupert Grint, it was also the push to say goodbye to two unhealthy vices.

The Harry Potter actor welcomed daughter Wednesday with longtime company Georgia Groome last May and has now said that while he’s ” still coming to terms with what dad means, ” being a father made him say goodbye. to smoking and staying late.


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” I have changed a lot as a person, for sure – the 32-year-old explained to People – It happened like this overnight, a wise choice in lifestyle. I stopped smoking suddenly “.

New parents usually talk about sleepless nights, but Rupert Grint revealed that he had a harder time falling asleep in the past: ” I’ve started sleeping much better. I used to be a terrible insomniac, now I sleep .”

What if little Wednesday wants to follow in his footsteps and become a famous actress? The star has nothing against it but is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the situation.

” When it happened to me, my family didn’t really know what it meant, the kind of sacrifices you have to make and the consequences it has in your life. Nobody knew the level the movies would reach – he recalled – Anonymity is something you take for granted, but I would never want you to give it up easily

” But I think yes, I‘ve had a great experience and I have no regrets. I want her to do what she wants. I’d be her number one fan .”

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