Sabrina Carpenter has noticed the many hypotheses that run around the meaning of her new song “ Skin ” and wanted to make it clear that it is not a ” diss track ” against  Olivia Rodrigo.

Here is a brief recap: at the beginning of January Olivia released the song ” drivers license “. According to a fan theory, it would be about Sabrina and Joshua Bassett, who is currently a couple. Olivia and Joshua worked together on  High School Musical The Musical: The Series and are rumored to have dated in the past.

In “Driver license”, the 17-year-old talks about a blonde girl: ” And you’re probably with that blonde girl”.

In “Skin”, the 21-year-old seems to answer her with the line: ” Maybe blonde was the only rhyme “.

In a message on Instagram, now Sabrina Carpenter explained that her single does not refer to a particular situation but to several that have happened to her and asked to change the narrative, focusing on respect.

He also complimented “drivers license”, calling it ” magnificent “.

” Thanks to everyone who listened to Skin. Especially to those who opened their minds to what I was trying to convey in the text, ” he began.

” I wasn’t bothered by a few rhymes in a (great) song and I didn’t write a diss track. I was at a turning point in my life for countless reasons and so I was inspired to do what I usually do to react, write something. that I wanted to say to myself in the past “.

” People can only touch you if you give them the power to do it and a lot of people were trying. This song is not about one particular person. Some verses are about a specific situation, others about several other experiences. Also shows that a lot of things have gone into me and I am still learning not to give other people so much power over my feelings. I know many of you have a hard time with the same thing. ”

Sabrina Carpenter concluded with an appeal to fans: ” I don’t want this to become a vicious circle, please don’t take this as an opportunity to send more hatred. Thank you for allowing me to grow

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