Safia Nolin sings ” My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion!


Safia Nolin we offer a tremendous recovery success My Heart Will Go On of Celine Dionthis week!

The singer has interpreted the song in the context of a session Fanzine Planet.

Safia Nolin decided to take the famous theme of the Titanic and make a version of electro is a little more optimistic. The result is excellent!

Here is the video in which the author-composer-singer sings My Heart WIll Go On :

At the time of revealing a snippet of code in your account of Instagram official, Safia Nolin stated to have covered this song to make” tribute to Celine Dion “.

This is not the first time that the French canadian star speaks of his love for Celine.

In addition to having met her after one of their concerts…

Safia Nolin he has also taken his success Of love or of friendship and Destination in the study on their albums Times Vol. 1 and Vol 2.

Versions as magnificent as they are different!

Pssttt..! Speaking of Celineshe will be featured in a new documentary that comes out tomorrow on Netflix! Check out all the details here!

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