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The confinement is putting to the test the ability of all to fill of activity and entertainment on the day-to-day, and more during the weekend. Models as Gigi Hadid choose to take advantage of the daylight hours while your partner runway Sara Sampaio makes a puzzle of a thousand pieces.

Puzzles, great entertainment

The weekend looks like it has more hours than usual, but you can always fill activity. That has been the case of the brazilian model Sara Sampaio you have discovered one of their hobbies to their followers on social networks: build puzzles.

The model of the signature Victoria’s Secret he has invested his time in doing a puzzle of a thousand pieces with the image of her two dogs. His face of satisfaction says it all. “I have climbed the moral”, has written in his account of Instagram the model.

Sharon Stone has shown that in addition to have skills for the interpretation also has to paint. The actress, without a drop of makeup, has been photographed next to his last picture, a rose, to which they will not have missed the phrases of admiration of his friends, such as Naomi Campbell who has written Amazing! (Amazing!).

The kitchen is one of the places that now discovered, almost without realizing it. The singer Janet Jackson shows his skills to make pancakes in the shape of musical notes. A good breakfast cooked for her son.

With the hands in the dough

The american designer Zac Posen it is also the that demonstrates their culinary skills to the point of creating a post usual with the hastag #cookingwithzac.

The jury of the ‘talent” american “Project Runway” he published a cookbook “Cooking with Zac: the homemade recipes to the sophisticated”. This weekend on Instagram, was concentrated in their first chapter with: “Ideas for dinner. Herbal recipe, chicken roast and vegetables”. And invites their followers to send photos of their dishes.

Funny, the actress Reese Witherspoonnext to a picture of your dog next to the kitchen begs for more recipes: “I Think you are already sick of my kitchen,” says the protagonist of “Big Little Lies”.

The seems to be an accomplished cook is Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of actor Alec Baldwinthat shows a delicious fideuá, and how your toddler wants to eat it with your hands.

“I know that it is my child, but this child makes me laugh … maybe the quarantine has affected me. I made noodle dishes for dinner and so I wanted to eat it”, shared on Instagram by the writer.

Jessica Alba, the protagonist of “The fantastic four”, has dedicated the weekend to his family and to g

rabar the progress of her little son, Hayes, of two years, with the baseball bat.

The model Alessandra Ambrosio has chosen to take advantage of the sunny day and he has not hesitated to extend the towel in your garden in order to tan your body and benefit from the vitamin D. And the same idea has had its companion of profession Bella Hadid.

Can’t be more fun images Ashley Graham doing gymnastics, taking advantage of your garden, year in which also takes advantage of this with your baby, to use as makeshift weights. “I always try to keep the mood positive,” he says on the social networks.EFE


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